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Experienced users who have been on the hunt for a perfect nighttime strain just might find what they’ve been after with Supermax OG. Sometimes simply known as Supermax, this indica-dominant bud was developed in Washington State by Blue Roots Cannabis Company. While most believe she’s a cross between OG Kush and Superman OG, breeders aren’t so quick to confirm or deny her genetics.

While Supermax OG has been seen on store shelves as low as 15% THC, this variety generally falls around a more consistent 23%, making her ideal for veteran smokers. Nugs are super lumpy and quite dense, and if their weight doesn’t impress you, their thick layers of trichomes and resin certainly will. Many who try this strain are convinced that she comes from Kush genetics, as both flavors and aromas feature a blend of lemon, spice, and kushy earth.

Supermax OG (3g)

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