Sharing its name with a giant extraterrestrial robot that can transform into a semi-truck, this strain is known for producing large, spongy and spear-shaped buds.

Optimus Prime, also sometimes called 3x Crazy, sprung up on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Devised by the BC Bud Depot they crossed the strain BC Sweet Tooth and Mayne Island. Sweet Tooth is a cross of Blueberry and Grapefruit. Mayne Island is an Indica-dominant strain, and so the two of those combined to make Optimus Prime - a roughly 75 percent Indica strain.

The reported mixed berry and sour lemon flavors of Optimus Prime provide a slowly-creeping buzz that covers the body in relaxation, which may couch-lock inexperienced users, sending the mind wandering.

Some users may need to save this one for later in the day but it can be useful in calming nausea, easing aches and pains and inducing an appetite. Optimus Prime may help patients sleep and regulate their moods as well. There are also some patients that find the strain helps them focus.

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