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Plan your night accordingly, because the effects of Iron Triangle will come in hard and fast. Despite it being a 50/50 hybrid, the indica side of the strain tends to be incredibly dominant. At first you will experience a bit of energy coupled with a bright euphoria, but this phase quickly fades to a heavy and stoney feeling. Your eyes will most likely get red and you’ll have to do everything you can in order to stay awake. Extreme drowsiness eventually gives way to a night of deep sleep.


A heavy dose of THC typically equates to prime medicinal effects, and Iron Triangle is no exception to this rule. Chronic pain, muscle spasms, and even glaucoma can all be treated by this powerhouse bud. While mood disorders can be relieved by strains that uplift your mental space to one of complete bliss, users can also get the same type of relief from a totally spacey and sedating strain like this one.

Iron Triangle p/g

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