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Flowers of Cheese Candy at once present both sugary-sweet and acrid, cheesy aromas. This combination may prove unpleasant for some -- especially considering the strain’s unusual pungency. Breaking up or grinding the flowers also yields some spicy, peppery notes, perhaps owing to the Afghani landrace in parent strain Cheese’s genetics. When burnt, Cheese Candy’s harsh, lung-stinging smoke that tastes tangy and cheesy on the exhale. Smokers enjoying this variety in public should be forewarned that its odor can carry for quite a distance -- anyone concerned with discretion should take the necessary precautions.


Cheese Candy takes effect quickly, almost immediately granting users a more acute sense of their surroundings. This sharpened perception, while potentially disorienting at first, lends itself to some psychedelic enjoyment in the right set and setting. At first, smokers may feel giddy and uplifted, finding interest or humor in otherwise mundane situations. These good vibes are right at home in social situations, where they can facilitate easy, free-flowing conversation and camaraderie. Rather than making smokers feel wired and high strung, though, as many other sativa-leaning hybrids are apt to do, Cheese Candy supplies a smooth feeling of physical relaxation that persists throughout the high. Smokers can maintain lucid focus if they so desire, allowing them to perform deliberate, analytical work, as well as more creative, artistic endeavors. As the high wears on, a feeling of deep physical relaxation creeps in, and may even lead to immobilization in very comfortable circumstances. In high enough doses, Cheese Candy can even provoke deep and restful sleep. Appropriate for use at any time of day, this bud is great for both waking-and-baking and unwinding after work.

GH Popcorn Nugs Cheese Candy p/g

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