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Two separate strains go by the name Galactic Jack: one from TGA Subcool Seeds and the other from Sin City Seeds. While both of these strains are mostly Sativa and inherit the name Jack, they have some major differences. Galactic Jack from Subcool is a cross of Jack Herer and Space Queen. Sin City crossed their Alien Dog V2 strain with Sour Jack, which does contain Jack Herer. Both of these strains produce a long-lasting upbeat cerebral high. Less experienced users, however, should be cautious when using Sin City's Galactic Jack due to its high THC content.

Subcool's Galactic Jack is great for daytime or morning use, while Sin City's is more appropriate for use later in the day or evening. Both of these strains may be used to treat anxiety, stress, and mood disorders. They may also be used to ease arthritis and Crohn's disease.


Sin City's Galactic Jack can be grown indoors or out. It is easily susceptible to nutrient burn and should be left in its vegetative state for at least a month. Growers should be aware that these plants require 65 to 73 days to finish flowering and are extremely aromatic when in flower. Plants also need to be supported during the flowering period.

Galactic Jack p/g

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