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The 7 Dwarfs Seed Bank may seem like an adorable, whimsical name from the outside, but if you are in the know, you’ll understand just how clever these guys actually are. Breeding only 7 strains and perfecting each one with painstaking precision, The 7 Dwarfs take their responsibility as breeders very seriously, and because of that, we get amazing results, such as Cyclops. This cross between the already famous AK-47 and Lowryder strains offers an intense and hazy high that even the advanced smoker has to tip their hat to.

Though the THC levels on this one-eyed beast aren’t going to knock your socks clean off, they are relatively high and consistently above 18% on average. These dark forest green nugs are spattered with amber colored hairs and a rich coating of trichomes, though the coup de gras and probably where this strain gets its name is from the bright white cone of the plant that gives the impression of an eye staring right through you. The flavors are an intense mix of dankness, tartness, and kush leaving a coated feeling in your mouth upon exhale.

The Cyclops high might just be the other reason it's so appropriately named, as it is a cerebral rush of euphoria and mind opening calmness. The body buzz is one that starts in the head and makes its way in warm waves to your limbs and spine, soothing out all aches and tension and leaving your body completely at ease. You won't necessarily experience couch lock, but sleep is an inevitability. You can function if you have to, but this is not a bud you smoke if you have lots to get done.

Because it is a powerful sedative, this mystical strain is perfect for helping patients with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other issues wherein muscle relaxants and painkillers would be your go-to treatment. Additionally, this is a mood-boosting strain, though it shouldn’t be considered the sole treatment for mental health disorders. With that being said, it offers temporary relief from disorders and illnesses such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and some cases of bipolar and mild PTSD.

Cyclops is considered an auto-flowering plant, so for anyone looking to try their hand at this mythical creature, you can find seeds at many seed banks worldwide. With a 12/12 light cycle and a little bit of time, growers can expect to see amazing results. Each plant produces over 50 grams, and indoor systems require only 8 to 9 weeks of growing time to harvest. If you are growing outdoors, be sure to care for these babes in dry, sunny climates.

This smooth body buzz will have you reaching for more after just the first puff, while the strong hashy flavor gives you that classic ‘high school high’ nostalgia with the strength of its namesake. Definitely, try Cyclops at night because you may not be awake long enough to know what's hitting you

GH Popcorn Nugs Cyclops p/g

R40,00 Regular Price
R20,00Sale Price
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