Willie Nelson is a pure Sativa strain bred specifically for the American country singer of the same name. As the story goes, he tried it once and bought the entire first crop. The sweet and sour smell leads to an almost lemongrass taste that almost immediately has users feeling an uplifting of their moods and a strong euphoric happiness. Many users feel an increase to their creative spark and are filled with energy. Unfortunately, there are side-effects, users may feel a lack of moisture in their mouth and eyes, possible paranoia, headaches and dizziness.

An excellent strain for morning use, this strain is most often used by those looking for reprieve from the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. Willie Nelson may also help make minor to mild chronic aches and pains more manageable. Others have chosen this strain to alleviate the effects of nausea, glaucoma, migraines and inflammation.

Willie Nelson is descended from two Sativa strains Vietnamese Black and Highland Nepalese. It is bred by Reeferman and won first place in the Best Sativa category of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005. This strain should be grown indoors or in a greenhouse, though some have reported successful growing outdoors. Depending on the conditions and environment Willie Nelson flowers for between 10 and 14 weeks. Reportedly a decent yielding stain it is known to be resistant to disease and mold.

Willie Nelson p/g