What goes up always comes down, and while White Dwarf may not adhere to the laws of gravity, anyone who smokes her will experience the same trajectory with their high. The first few tokes will send users into a state of euphoric bliss, tapping into your creative side and letting joy flow from your brain. Although you won’t be super energetic at this point, take the time to accomplish something artsy if you can, because soon enough you’ll be down for the count. As you begin to feel yourself fade, make your way to the closest couch or bed and prepare for a great night of sleep.

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White Dwarf is an ideal bud for treating medical issues that often keep you up at night. Laying in bed worrying is never fun, so a few tokes of this gal will ease stress and depression quickly and effectively. Cramps, nausea, and headaches are also handled by this tasty bud, allowing you to truly enjoy your evening instead of suffering until you fall asleep. As great as she is for medicinal purposes, keep in mind that White Dwarf is best suited for evening use only.

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