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Tutti Frutti is marked by medium to large-sized buds that maintain the dense, tightly-packed structure characteristic of indica varieties. Besides being particularly large, Tutti Frutti’s flowers also have a uniquely elongated, egg-like shape. The tightly-packed leaves are a bright shade of spring green and are threaded through with dark, rust-colored pistils. Finally, a thick coating of translucent amber trichomes covers the flowers’ inner and outer surfaces, giving them a yellow sheen and a very sticky texture.

When properly cured, Tutti Frutti’s fruity, tropical appeal is almost immediately obvious. A sweet citrus and berry character wafts up from the buds. Meanwhile, the strain’s double dose of Haze is evident in a strong herbal scent with some discernible notes of lavender. Breaking open or grinding up the buds yields a deep, astringent odor similar to gasoline or ammonia. Despite a mostly sweet flavor profile, Tutti Frutti gives off an acrid smoke that can be harsh on the lungs and sinuses. This smoke tastes sweetly floral with a sting of diesel on the exhale.

Tutti Frutti provides what can best be described as a creeper of a high; it may be several minutes after smokers have finished toking before its effects are fully felt. When the strain does kick in, users will notice increased mental activity. At first, this stimulation works on the senses, making certain sights, sounds, and even tastes seem more vivid and memorable. As users adjust to this altered perception, they typically find themselves following a careening train of thought. Such cerebral thinking can lend itself to complex problem solving scenarios, as well as more free-form creative brainstorming. In the right set and setting, this strain allows users to remain clearheaded and lucid, and can also create strong feelings of euphoria. As the high wears on, more pronounced physical effects emerge. Smokers may find themselves free from muscular tension and mental stress, and they may even be more likely to spring for a spot on the closest couch -- that said, couch-lock is uncommon, and users are not often physically incapacitated. Tutti Frutti can also be a strong appetite stimulant, giving users an excuse to indulge their chemically-altered palates. A quintessential wake-and-bake strain, Tutti Frutti is great for active pursuits like hiking or running errands; its potent cerebral effects may be less welcome at night, when they are likely to keep users wired before bed.

Outdoor Joint Tutti Frutti 1g