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This is an extract composed of 99.997% THCA/Micro Crystal's. Most extracts today will have around 50-80% purity. As the first team to successfully do this, it’s claimed to be the strongest hash in the world.  With a 0.003% margin, it will be hard to improve upon. It has gained extreme popularity due to its uniqueness and purity. 


When processed, pure THCA crystallises/Micro Crystal's. Its visual similarities to drugs like cocaine make a lot of people question it. But the true breakthrough with this extract is beyond the recreational market. THCA/Micro Crystal's, when decarboxylated, loses its acidic atom, leaving behind the pure THC. This happens when you light-up or pressure the cannabinoid. This purified cannabinoid came to change the game for all those in need of potent, medical THC.

THCa Crystalline/Micro Crystal's p/g

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