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Tasty Waves is aptly named for the spirit-lifting waves of warmth that it sends throughout your body. It was bred by Swamp Seeds Boys from a combination of Triangle Kush and The White. The flavor is citrus-sour as well as fresh and piney. With a high THC average and a beautiful, fluffy appearance, Tasty Waves is as appealing in the bag as it is tasty in your mouth.


Tasty Waves is a cultivar that combines well-known terpenes into a fantastic profile. Its main contributors are caryophyllene, which imbues it with a flavor of spicy herbs, and limonene, which gives it citrus brightness. In lesser amounts, myrcene contributes to the strain’s undertone of musky earth flavors and humulene causes the strain to go a little bitter, slightly reminiscent of a freshly opened beer.

Tasty Waves (3g)

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