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The flavor of Space Ghost comes primarily from its Tangerine genetics, giving it that sour citrus punch. However, its terpene profile is rich in oddities, including not only pinene but also ocimene, geraniol, nerolidol, and bisabolol. The result is an onset of flowery orange and citrus flavors, which progresses to pungent tastes of pine and nuts with woody undertones and an earthy exhale.


The strain’s effects start off slow, tingling, and lightly euphoric. But with a THC level that hovers around 28%, you know the strain will deliver on its promises eventually. As you smoke, you’ll become unfocused, happy, and buzzing. Space Ghost starts as a tingle behind your forehead and spreads throughout your body, relaxing and calming you.

Space Ghost p/g

R60,00 Regular Price
R45,00Sale Price
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