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Space Candy is a super social high and will have you feeling upbeat and chatty after just a couple of rounds. If you yearn for a bud that is happy by nature with really balanced body relaxation, you’ve come to the right corner of the universe. This one hits you with an onset of euphoria that eventually melts into long giggle fits and, on occasion, the deep desire to create. If you happen to be one that becomes very motivated when high, this is exactly the strain that’s going to tip you into artist mode.


For medicinal uses, Space Candy can be applied to a slew of ailments that range from chronic pain to mental illness. In the case of chronic pain, you’ll want to dose in the mid-range. Too much and you run the risk of increased anxiety, too little and you may not feel any relief. Mood disorders and other mental illnesses such as depression, stress, bipolar, and mild cases of restlessness can benefit greatly from a toke of this flower. Strangely, this strain is also good for two opposing afflictions: insomnia and fatigue. Because of its energetic effects you’ll find relief from fatigue fairly simply. Conversely, if you are particularly sensitive to hard crashes or even mild physical sedation when you smoke, this one will put you fast asleep.

Space Candy p/g

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