Bred from two famously delicious strains – Cinderella 99 and Sour Diesel – Sour Apple has the lineage to back up its popularity. Sour Apple’s original crop was only available in clones so different banks may have slightly different genetics. However, the skunky-sweet flavor should carry over between gardens. The buds should also always grow in an Indica pattern, with long, fluffy buds that are multiple shades of green, from forest to lime. They’re light, almost sponge-like, and shiny with a slick layer of trichomes. Growers can expect a large yield (as much as 700g per plant outdoors) in an average flowering time of 9-11 weeks.


The strain unleashes a low THC level (around 15-17%), as well as a lingering amount of CBD and CBN, on a range of mood disorders. Sour Apple can be used to treat ADHD and ADD, stress, depression, mood swings, and migraines. On the physical side, the strain can relieve chronic pain as well as a loss of appetite by giving you the will to relax and snack. The come-down on Sour Apple is even useful for treating injuries, a bout of insomnia, or the symptoms of sleep apnea.

This Indica-dominant (80/20) beauty is infamous for its appropriately-named taste and sociability, relaxing as well as relieving its users. If you find yourself unable to tackle tough social situations or lack the right drift-off to get to sleep late in the evening, Sour Apple may be your new favorite bedtime snack.

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