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An initial whiff of Snowland’s flowers may detect nothing more than the fresh scent of pine. A closer inspection, however, might pick up on some fruity, lemon-tinged accents lurking underneath as well. Grinding up Snowland’s impressive flowers gives off more of a deep, hashy odor with overtones of musk incense -- this aromatic profile may be passed on from the Afghani in the strain’s genetics. When burnt, Snowland gives off a thick and sour smoke that can cause some watery eyes. On the exhale, this heavy smoke has a marked citrus flavor.


The high from Snowland tends to hit users slowly, such that those who don’t feel any effects after about 10 minutes are advised to keep waiting. Eventually, this strain exerts a palpable headrush that comes with physical effects like twitching temples and cognitive ones like a sudden feeling of mindrace. Smokers’ thoughts may seem to move more quickly or might have a new intensity, bouncing around in free association and bringing to light unanticipated connections between topics. Some users may also undergo changes in their sensory perception, with certain sights and sounds being subject to slight distortions; skewed depth perspective is one such commonly reported result. Consumers can alternately put this mental state towards productivity on demanding tasks or may choose to simply enjoy Snowland’s reality-altering buzz.


After an hour or so, Snowland’s comedown hits, revealing physical effects that are more relaxing than stimulating. Newly subdued smokers may feel tense limbs and chests unwind as trickles of sedation spread from the neck throughout the entire body. Those who are active or away from home may find themselves wanting to take shelter, while those who are already in comfortable surroundings may make a rush for the couch. At this point, Snowland is a great way to kick back with passive pursuits like snacking or watching TV. If dosage is increased, Snowland’s soothing vibes can progress into immobilization, making users feel as if they’re melting into the furniture. Because of its slow descent into drowsiness, Snowland is recommended for nighttime use.

Snowland p/g

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