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Not a great choice for novice users, Shark Bite tops out at 24% THC and is coupled with roughly 1% CBD. Pretty nugs help when it comes to enticing users to try a new strain, and Shark Bite offers dense buds with clear pistils and crystalized trichomes that just beckon your name. A sweet and sour blend that’s sure to please all preferences, Shark Bite’s flavors and aromas include fruity candy, kush, herbs, and a hint of lemon.


Depending on how much you smoke, you may experience one of two types of highs here. Some enjoy a euphoric burst of energy that allows you to accomplish your entire to-do list while others find themselves super relaxed and nearly sedated toward the end of their journey. What’s clear for both sides of the spectrum is that a deep body buzz will start in your temples and make its way up and down your entire body.


These physical effects make this strain ideal for medical patients who are dealing with pain on a regular basis. Whether it’s a headache or cramps that just won’t go away or something far more serious, the CBD in Shark Bite really does its job. Mental concerns including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress are also helped by the uplifting effect on your mood. For some, this strain helps them to battle insomnia while others simply see it as a great way to get through the day.

Shark Bite p/g

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