One of the many golden children of Dinafem, Royal Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that’s designed to get you through any day of the week. A three-way cross between Skunk #2, Haze, and Northern Lights, her delicious flavors and psychoactive effects are the favorite of many recreational and medical users.

Coming in at a solid 18% THC average, nugs of Royal Haze are absolutely covered in crystal trichomes that practically make you drool. With a complex set of aromas and flavors, some find that they are a little bit turned off from this strain while others can’t seem to get enough. A pretty spicy set of notes await, with skunk, cedar, pine, and citrus all fighting for time on your tongue.

When you want to experience a strong head high that lasts for hours, Royal Haze is your ideal choice. A burst of creative happiness tends to take over from the start, making this bud a great pairing for your busiest day at work. Try a few hits in place of your morning cup of coffee and revel in your level of alert energy throughout the day. Some users find themselves leaning toward the talkative side, and with such a strong set of effects, it pays to know your limits here.

Medical users often opt for this strain to alleviate symptoms of depression and overwhelming amounts of stress. Whether you’re experiencing long-term worries or find yourself randomly down in the dumps, Royal Haze can help. General pain, including headaches, cramps, or eye pressure issues can be assisted, and those who battle fatigue definitely get an edge on their day with this lovely bud.

Royal Haze p/g