Royal Dutch is a well-balanced hybrid with a noble background. The strain -- created by Hague-based Super Sativa Seed Club rather than by Royal Queen Seeds as you might expect -- is a cross between two powerhouse landraces: a centuries-old Pakistani indica and a potent South African sativa. The result is a deeply flavorful bud that offers potent and long-lasting effects.

Flowers of Royal Dutch are typically dense and tightly-packed with dark, forest-green leaves. These buds are twisted through with hairy orange pistils and are topped off with a crown of translucent white trichomes. When properly cured, these buds carry a complex scent that is predominantly rich and hashy like its Pakistani Kush parent strain. There are also some notes of spice and pine passed on from its South African side. When combusted, Royal Dutch burns with a harsh, acrid smoke that may tickle the lungs and induce coughing for some. This smoke some has an earthy, piney flavor on the exhale.

The high from Royal Dutch begins with a quick cerebral surge. In addition to a distorted perception of external stimuli, smokers may notice a change in their patterns thinking, with thoughts jumping from one to the next. This mindset can be good for focusing on work, whether it’s task-based or more open-ended and creative. After a while, some subtle physical relaxation creeps in to ground out the high. This indica side allow users to breathe more freely and to relax any tense muscles.

Medically speaking, Royal Dutch can help patients with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on complex tasks. This bud can also soothe deep-seated aches and pains as well as minor everyday irritations like headaches. Because it can trigger intense, recursive thinking, Royal Dutch may not be the best choice for those who are prone to panic or paranoia or who have a low THC tolerance.

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