While she seems to be fairly mellow when it comes to her THC levels, Royal Cookies doesn’t mess around with the high that she brings. Most users claim that they initially feel a sensation of tingles that runs from head to toe and along with it comes a wave of total relaxation. Your mind will usually experience a boost here and euphoria will overcome your brain for the next few hours. As happy as you’ll be, you’ll also probably feel pretty sedated and may want to close your eyes for an hour or eight. Make sure to have a pillow and blanket handy before you light up this gal.

Since she packs such a punch from the get-go, Royal Cookies has earned herself a reputation for helping to treat medical issues including depression and anxiety. It’s possible that you’ll also enjoy relief from bodily pain like migraines, cramps, and more, and if you smoke enough of her, Royal Cookies can assist you in battling insomnia as well. It’s recommended that you wait until the evening hours before you indulge as her sedative properties may hit some users harder than they imagined.

Royal Queen Seeds loves to share and they make Royal Cookies seeds available for any who want them. While she will thrive inside and outdoors, those who prefer cultivating in nature should keep in mind that this strain prefers warmer climates. Indoor flowering time tends to run between 8 and 9 weeks and as long as you provide her with basic care and attention, you’ll probably be quite pleased with the size of your harvest.

By all accounts, Royal Cookies is one of those strains that checks off every box on your list. She’s rich in cookie flavor without being overly sweet, her effects are strong and long-lasting, and you can actually grow her yourself if you so desire! The next time you’ve had a long day at the office or you simply want to relax on the weekend, light this gal up and enjoy the peace she brings to your body and mind.

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