Consistent when it comes to potency, you’ll find Royal Cookies with an average of 22% THC on dispensary shelves. Her nugs are visually appealing with a piecey structure that boasts bright orange hairs, amber undertones, and golden crystals. Those who have been longing for a strain with true cookie flavor won’t have to search any longer as Royal Cookies brings this taste in full force. Nuts, cream, spice, and of course an overall flavor of sweetness will coat your mouth and fill the air around with you a pleasantly sweet scent.


While she seems to be fairly mellow when it comes to her THC levels, Royal Cookies doesn’t mess around with the high that she brings. Most users claim that they initially feel a sensation of tingles that runs from head to toe and along with it comes a wave of total relaxation. Your mind will usually experience a boost here and euphoria will overcome your brain for the next few hours. As happy as you’ll be, you’ll also probably feel pretty sedated and may want to close your eyes for an hour or eight. Make sure to have a pillow and blanket handy before you light up this gal.

Royal Cookies p/g