Royal Cookies is a unique hybrid cannabis strain. It combines a variety of strong Cookies genetics (which come straight from California) to create a well-rounded strain with great flavours and aromas, decent grow characteristics, and a powerful THC-packed punch.

Some indica-dominant strains can be overwhelming for some users, leaving them couch looked, lethargic, and unproductive. However, Royal Cookies isn’t like that.

This strain combines a nice, soft body stone with just enough cerebral stimulus. This usually leads to a euphoric, happy high where users are still able to deal with social interactions or stay motivated and productive. Royal Cookies is considered a great mood boosters, leaving users talkative, uplifted, and in generally good spirits. Average THC concentrations for this strain clock in at about 23%.

In terms of medicinal use, Royal Cookies may helps some users alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as some of the symptoms of depression or a low mood. Others may find the slight physical effects beneficial for dealing with pain or even insomnia.

Royal Cookies p/g


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