Product Details:

Brand: LTQ-Vapor

The KP-1 4T Rosin Press


This little guy is perfect for the home grower looking to press their own harvest. It is by far the best budget press available in South Africa, and it does not sacrifice in quality either. It comes with some extra goodies, too. See photos.

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Product specs:

Product size: 195mm x 130mm x 312mm (19.5cm x 13cm x 31.2cm)
Product weight: 9.0KG
Using voltage: 90-120V 220-240V
Machine power: 400W (100W per heating tube,a total of four heating tubes)
Hot pressing table size: 115mm x 120mm (11.5cm x 12cm)


Once ordered from us, we will get the press from the supplier. Delivery period migh be a bit longer than 2 -5 Working days

Rosin Press

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