Roadkill’s OG flowers are usually medium to large and ahdere in shapes that range from elongated and cylindrical to tapered and spadelike. These buds have a typically indica structure, with their small leaves overlapping and curling tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a dark shade of forest green; sometimes, phenotypes of Roadkill OG also boast flashes of blue and purple in their leaves. These latter hues come about when pigments called anthocyanins in the strain’s genetics are agitated by cold weather during the growing process. Finally, cloudy, translucent trichomes cover the inner and outer nooks of these dense flowers, giving them a slightly white sheen.

On first inspection,Roadkill OG takes after its parent strain Roadkill OG Skunk, giving off a funky pungency. A second whiff of these flowers reveals some more pleasant citrus notes lurking underneath. Grinding up the buds yields a hashy, somewhat herbal odor. When burnt, Roadkill OG is just as offensive, with a harsh and sour smoke that trigger watery eyes and coughing fits. On the exhale, this smoke is skunky, with some light fruity flavors on the exhale.

Roadkill’s OG effects come on slowly, sometimes requiring as long as 15 minutes after consumers have finished coughing on its smoke to reveal its presence. Once the high rears its head, though, it exerts a pressure around the upper face and forehead, accompanied by a tendency toward increased salivation. Along with these sensations, many smokers also experience a distortion of sensory perception, characterized by slight visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as an uncanny sense of time passing more slowly. If users so inclined, they can amplify these trippy properties even further by immersing themselves in atmospheric music or visually engaging movies. Roadkill’s OG mental properties typically involve a moderate increase in focus, with some free association occurring in the consumers’ thought processes. If sufficiently motivated, some may find themselves able to work on complicated, analytical tasks, as well as any open-ended creative projects. Overall, though, Roadkill’s OG high is a smooth, mellow ride that provides a pleasant backdrop to activities like a binge-watching session or a low-key night in with friends. As time passes or as dosage is increased, Roadkill’s OG physical effects can become even more pronounced, weighing down eyelids and limbs in equal measure. Because of its mostly sleepy vibes, this strain is recommended for enjoyment in the evening or nighttime.

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