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A rare strain with a mysterious background, Red Widow is the lady you’ve been waiting your whole life for. By crossing Red Dragon and White Widow, unknown breeders have created one of the most perfectly balanced strains the world has ever seen. Or have they? Nearly impossible to find on the market, Red Widow is as elusive as she is delicious.


Clocking in with an average THC level of 16%, this strain is great for users of all experience levels. Flavors can get rather interesting here, and while they don’t sound like they would be delicious, they tend to keep people coming back for more. Skunk, earth, tropical fruit, and butter mingle together on your tongue and nose to create a blend that’s pretty addicting. These nugs are as gorgeous as they are tasty, with flat and oversized buds that feature a mint green base, bright orange hairs, and golden trichomes.

Red Widow (3g)

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