Red Poison’s pleasantly poisonous effects creep up on the smoker slowly, sometimes taking as long as 15 minutes to reveal themselves. At first, consumers may notice an increase in the pulse around their eyes and temples along with some possible flushing in the cheeks. Soon afterward, this strain begins to affect cognition and sensory perception, creating such phenomena as visual and auditory distortions as well as a powerful feeling of time dilation. If you’re comfortable with psychedelic properties like these, feel free to revel in them with some moody music or some visually engaging art. While Red Poison provides some mental stimulation, it’s not likely to induce the kind of cerebral intensity that you’d get with a strong sativa like Durban Poison or Trainwreck. As such, this bud is great for livening up mundane tasks like cleaning the house or running errands, but may not necessarily help you execute complex, work-related tasks. As the high wears on or as dosage is increased, Red Poison’s physical sensation tends to intensify, relieving any lingering muscular tension and helping to facilitate deep and even breathing. If you’re so inclined, kick back and enjoy this sense of body melt as outside stresses and preoccupations melt into the background. Red Poison can be an especially good way to pass time with like-minded friends, as its mix of effects can encourage conversation and camaraderie. Because of its mostly slow-moving, dreamy properties, Red Poison is best enjoyed later in the afternoon or evening.

Red Poison’s balanced action of the mind and body gives it a range of uses for medical cannabis patients as well. It can temporarily blunt the harsh symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also soothe physical aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. Anti-inflammatory properties may dull more minor maladies, like indigestion. Because it’s not likely to speed up thinking or induce a paranoid mindset, Red Poison is a good choice for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

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