Red Diesel is known for its ability to take depressed moods and low energy levels and transform them into something magical. Effects hit users right away, creating a sense of euphoria and energy that’s intense but still manageable. As your high continues to soar, you’ll start to feel Red Diesel’s effects throughout your entire body. Users become relaxed while also feeling incredibly inspired and creative.

Those who smoke for medicinal reasons often choose Red Diesel because of its incredible flavor but also appreciate how it combats chronic pain and stress. Individuals suffering from nausea or lack of appetite also note this choice as a true lifesaver, as you’ll be hit with intense munchies from Red Diesel. Be sure to fully stock the fridge before taking a hit of this lovely lady. Despite many users noting that Red Diesel is great for a burst of energy, some do find that it has more of a calming effect, which isn’t surprising given it’s a well-balanced hybrid. Try it on a day that you don’t have a lot going on to see how it affects you.

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