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P-91 takes effect quickly, beginning as a pressure around the eyes and temples. Smokers may soon perceive external stimuli more intensely than before -- certain colors or sounds may take on an entirely new dimension. A while later, after they have adjusted to their altered states, this head buzz melts into a stoney body high. Worries and muscular tension both dissipate as relaxed smokers sink into the closest comfortable surroundings. P-91 still keeps its fans lucid, though, and while it may not be the best strain for productivity and problem-solving, it’s great for creative thinking. It can also be a good way to enhance appreciation of psychedelic music and art. As this high wears on, couchlock may set in, providing the perfect setting for thoughts to wander or for stimulating conversation to flow.


Just as its recreational uses are both mental and physical, P-91 has a wide range of benefits for medical cannabis patients as well. Its feelings of enhanced perception may help those with stress or depression to live more acutely in the moment. Its sustained focus can also be an aid to people with attention deficit disorders. Physiologically speaking, P-91 can soothe aches and pains, whether incidental as caused by injury or chronic, due to conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Finally, in high enough doses, this strain may be able to combat stubborn cases of insomnia.

Popcorn Nugs P-91 p/g

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