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Dynamite is a dynamic mix of Grapefruit with an unknown second parent by Next Generation Seed Company that you’re sure to love. These pink and purple buds offer not only a mind-blowing visual but flavors that’ll take you back your childhood.

The THC levels of this indica-dominant strain regularly reach heights of 24%, giving users a powerful high without completely knocking you off your feet. As its parentage would suggest, this is a flavorful bud packed with tangy fruitiness, citrus tones, and a smooth sugary aftertaste. The aromas of sweetness and grapefruit complement the bright coloring of these rainbow colored buds perfectly. Sincerely, it’s like picking up an actual berry and putting it in your bong. To round out their aesthetic, these buds are covered in shiny white trichomes, sticky resin, and a thin layer of crimson and orange hairs that accent her deep green undertones.

Popcorn Nugs Dynamite (3g)

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