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With an in your face name and classic Haze style effects, Outlaw is the work of Dutch Passion that has quickly gained popularity among those that prefer Sativas.

To create this 80 percent Sativa strain, it's breeders started by selecting Super Haze from their 30 year old seed bank. Super Haze is a cross of original Haze by Cultivator's Choice and Dutch Passion's Skunk #1 in bred line. Amnesia is the other parent of Outlaw, a descendant of Super Silver Haze. Fast acting, the effects of this strain can be quite intense and can easily make users forget what it is they were just doing. Still many find it very enjoyable as the strain is very relaxing.

As this strain produces such a potent cerebral high it is not recommended for daytime use but can still be effective evening medication. Outlaw may be useful to those dealing with anxiety and depression as it is not usually a strain that leaves users trapped in their own heads. It may be effective in combating anxiety based insomnia, migraines and glaucoma as well.

Outlaw can have trouble growing outdoors, it is not advisable that growers even try unless their climate allows for a warm November, but does well indoors and in a greenhouse. Dutch Passion recommends growing with hydroponics for the largest yields, up to 500 grams per square meter. Growers should not let plants vegetate for much longer than two weeks as the height of the plant may become unmanageable. While this strain may finish in as little as 9 weeks, most growers state for the best quality and quantity yield Outlaw should be given a full 12 weeks. Plants of this strain can produce THC counts up to 17 percent.

Outlaw p/g

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