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When properly cured, Orange Dream’s flowers have a creamsicle-like scent that blends pungent citrus with vanilla. A second whiff may also pick up on some fruity notes of peach. When it is broken apart or ground up, meanwhile, Orange Dream can give off more of a grassy, herbal aroma. When burnt, these flowers give off a strikingly smooth and easily ingested smoke; this smoke tastes like sweet citrus on the exhale.


Orange Dream begins to affect the consumer fairly quickly, exerting a head rush within about five minutes of consumption. Early signs of its action include a feeling of constriction around the temples and lower forehead as well as some possible flushing in the cheeks. As they become accustomed to these strange tics, smokers may find that their thoughts have taken on an elevated, more fast-paced quality. Ideas may occur in rapid succession or may seem to take on a new intensity. This kind of laser-focused thinking can enable work on complicated tasks; it may also open up avenues of creative inspiration for those working on artistic projects or on brainstorming sessions. In some cases, Orange Dream’s head high may manifest as a trippy kind of sensory distortion in which certain visual and auditory stimuli may be slightly warped. Those who are so inclined can amplify these psychedelic properties by indulging in a favorite album or a spacey, atmospheric movie.


After about an hour (or sooner, if intake is increased), Orange Dream’s bodily properties become more apparent. A tingle of relaxation may roll down the neck and spread outward through the core and limbs, relieving any knots of muscular tensions and allowing for deep, restorative breathing. Fortunately for those looking to remain productive, however, Orange Dream’s initial feelings of focus persist even as its physical effects become progressively sedative. Because of its slow decline into sleepiness, Orange Dream is recommended for consumption beginning in late afternoon or early evening.

Orange Dream p/g

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