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THC potency can vary quite a bit with this gal, ranging anywhere from 15% up to 23%. Even so, her nugs are a sight to behold, a neon green shade that includes tiny orange hairs and super bright white trichomes. Bold flavors and aromas await you as earth and citrus blend with hints of peppery spice to round things out. Sweet and sour, spicy and hearty - Northern Cross seems to have it all.


While she is quite sativa-dominant, this strain does a great job in offering bursts of energy and happiness that aren’t jittery or over the top. Imagine feeling relatively normal except elevated a few pegs on the frequency of life, that’s what this high will be like. Creativity and focus abound, allowing you to zero in on projects that have fallen by the wayside. Despite your obvious ability to kick butt with a smile on your face, there’s a contrasting relaxation and sense of calm that tends to even everything out.

Northern Cross (3g)

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