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Clocking in as high as 25% THC, Loopy Fruit is best reserved for those who have been around the block a few times. Her nugs are quite oversized and are mint green in color, and while they don’t have much in the way of pistil coverage, a dense blanket of white trichomes lets you know that you’re in for a party. As you smoke, the air around you will fill with scents of flowers and earth, while your tongue will enjoy bold notes of blackberry that lingers for quite a while. Breeders themselves state that Loopy Fruit is like a blackberry pie that’s fresh out of the oven.


From the outset, it’s pretty clear that this strain is designed to mellow you out, but most users notice that she can sometimes include a bit of a social inclination from the start. Happiness to the point of being giddy will occur for many, but eventually this tends to subside into a more sedated state of mind. Users typically describe their experience with Loopy Fruit as one that’s introspective and almost meditative, so it’s wise to get comfortable and clear your calendar before you indulge. In general, you likely won’t experience too much in the way of physical effects as Loopy Fruit is more of a cerebral strain.


As is becoming the trend, seeds of Loopy Fruit are pretty much nowhere to be found online. It seems as if Sunboldt Grown takes on more of a boutique type of operation, preferring to keep their genetics in house instead of letting anyone and everyone get their hands on their plants. If you’re interested in home cultivation, there are plenty of other hybrid strains on the market that are easier to locate.


When you’re interested in getting high, but not too high, and want to experience mental effects that might help you get better in touch with yourself, Loopy Fruit is a great option. Her warm and fruity flavors make the perfect treat on a cold night, so grab a blanket, slip into something comfortable, and get ready to ask yourself about the deeper meanings of life. Many note that she’s also great for dealing with medical issues too, so consider this bud to be one of your favorite multitaskers.

Loopy Fruit p/g

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