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Novice users take note - this strain hits hard at her average 20% THC level. Looking at the nugs alone nearly tells you as much with a fluffy mint green exterior that features dark hairs and very bright white trichomes. True to the Kush family lineage, Kushberry’s flavors lean toward a strong lemon and diesel combination, with flavors that are more herbal in nature. The same sour lemon still peeks through but is overshadowed by spices.

True to a balanced hybrid, the high you’ll experience with Kushberry is interesting, to say the least. Initially, you’ll enjoy a huge wave of euphoric energy that leads you to believe any task can be accomplished with ease. While that might be true for a short period of time, you’ll eventually succumb to a sense of sleepiness that you just can’t shake. Relaxation becomes the number one priority here, making Kushberry an ideal strain for night time.

Kushberry works just as well for medical ailments as she does for your recreational desires, with both mental and physical ailments being greatly affected by her wiles. Stress and depression are naturally relieved by the boost in spirits you’ll enjoy, and surprisingly enough, nausea is a top condition that this bud tends to help with. Bodily pain is also soothed due to her strong THC levels, and if you smoke enough of it, insomnia can also be banished.

Kushberry p/g

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