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Smoking Jawa Pie really only means one thing - you have relaxation on the mind. While she does have a strong indica background, users will find a bit of a mental and physical lift after their first few tokes. Depending on your tolerance, you could experience an increase in focus, a burst of energy, or the desire to become increasingly social, but remember that all of this will fade rather quickly. Ultimately, this strain brings on waves of warm sedation that end up gluing you to the couch.


One might describe this bud as a cure-all for medical ailments, and while it’s not guaranteed that cannabis will act as true medication, this strain can certainly help. Individuals who struggle with anxiety and depression will find that her euphoric tendencies go a long way, while women’s health concerns and generalized pain will be soothed by her strong bodily effects. If a great night of sleep is on your agenda, go crazy with Jawa Pie and watch insomnia drift away.

Jawa Pie p/g

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