International Product Content:

- Stored in Sealed Tin

- Strain 10g

- Boveda

- Plastic Lid to cover once open


Strain Info:

Although it’s obvious from the name, this is a sweet and cheesy bud that boasts a large amount of THC, falling between 18% and 21% on average. In addition to the stellar THC levels, these leafy green buds are an eye full. They are bright green with long orange hairs peppered throughout the nug and give off an aroma of soft cheese and spice. Think mild white cheese and a glass of wine with a touch of earthy goodness, and you have Sweet Cheese.

The high is delightful, with an easy going smoke and an even easier going initial buzz. Do plan ahead with a tray of your favorite snacks as the munchies will soon set in, but don’t worry, you won’t end up famished. The euphoric stage rolls in waves and ebbs and flows throughout the hours-long high. This is a great strain for the end of a long workday or as a nightcap as it does induce some very sleepy vibes.

Medically speaking, Sweet Cheese is great for a myriad of conditions. For example, its sedative-like properties are great for treating the symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, and cramps. If you suffer from inflammation or digestive issues, and even in many cases nausea, try this strain for immediate relief. For easing disorders such as depression, bipolar, and stress, smoke a little bit of Sweet Cheese before bed and feel the late night worries fade into the blackness.

Indoor Sweet Cheese (10g)

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