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The primary aroma wafting up from Green Dream’s flowers is musky and earthy, similar to wet soil. On closer inspection, there’s also a bright citrus undertone that spices up the overall impression. Meanwhile, grinding up or picking apart these flowers releases a skunky odor that may have been passed on from parent strain Green Crack. When burnt in a pipe or a joint, Green Crack gives off a pleasantly smooth smoke. This smoke has a lemony flavor, along with some of the flowery and fruity essence that makes parent strain Blue Dream so popular. Green Dream’s high takes effect quickly, initially manifesting as a throbbing around the temples and forehead, as well an increased production of saliva. These physical effects are matched by a pronounced change in sensory perception. External stimuli may seem sharper or take on odd new dimensions. Additionally, smokers may experience ineffable phenomena like time dilation or visual distortions. Once they adjust -- if they’re able -- to these sensations, consumers may feel a shift in their thinking as well. Certain ephemeral thoughts and concepts may occupy more attention than they otherwise might, making this strain a great way to enhance brainstorming and working on open-ended creative projects. On the other hand, this kind of thinking can lead to an inordinate focus on unpleasant or unproductive thoughts, plunging susceptible users into panic or paranoia. In the right set and setting, however, Green Dream’s cerebral mindset can be an effective way to accomplish work-related tasks, as well as to add some color to mundane activities like cleaning the house. As the high wears on, some palpable physical relaxation creeps in as well. While smokers may not necessarily be pinned in place, they may be able to detect a decrease in deeply-held physical tension. This holistic stimulation can be good for activities that involve both physical and mental coordination, including exercising and playing video games. Because of its gradual decrease in energy, Green Dream is best enjoyed during the late afternoon or early evening.

Green Dream (3g)

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