Ghost Rider OG is an evenly balanced hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain is attributed to world-renowned and infamous cannabis breeders out of the Netherlands, Karma Genetics. In order to create this potent strain, these brilliant breeders took a male plant of their proprietary Biker Kush and crossed it with a cut of The White owned by Krome Genetics. They named the product of this delightful cross “Ghost Rider OG.” This strain is sure to satisfy even those who are incredibly picky and choosy about the flowers they consume, as it boasts a wonderful smorgasboard of effects in addition to having legit genetics. This daytime strain will have you up and on your feet for a bit before relaxing you back down on your sofa or bed for a midday nap.

The physical appearance of Ghost Rider OG is largely inherited from the cut of The White that went into its progenation. These buds are often shaped like golf balls and take on a strange hue that lands somewhere between mint green and violet purple. The entirety of the bud is encased in a thick coating of sugary, opaque trichomes, much like The White. The aroma is quite earthy, as keen noses will also pick up scents of woody pine and a bit of lemony citrus in the aroma of this bud. The flavor is quite powerful, and often what people like the most about this flower. Many users have reported that this bud tastes of crisp pine and lemon in addition to classic kush and hash flavors.

Ghost Rider OG p/g


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