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With THC levels hovering around 14%, this high is balanced in its relaxing qualities and its ability to energize the mind. These forest green nugs offer a sweet smell of fruit and earth with a slight tinge of skunk, while the flavor palate relies more on the blueberry flavors with sweet tree fruit undertones. The rich purple undertones and full frosting of lavender trichomes make this bud appear as fruity as it smells.


As a result of its parentage, this beauty offers a cerebral rush that will leave users feeling energetic and clear-headed without being weighed down. The high first begins with a head-strong buzz, taking users to a creative place, allowing room for clarity and focus. Shortly thereafter the body calm flows in, giving you an all over relaxation without stealing away your motivation. This smooth and tasty smoke is good for users of all experience levels and is recommended for a daytime smoke session.


Medicinal users love this bud as it relieves symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression as well as chronic pain and lack of appetite. Because of its natural balance, this strain is thought to be universal in its medical treatments and highly recommended for novice users. If you struggle with mood disorders, a morning toke will get you headed in the right direction. The mood stimulating sativa offers a great boost in energy and clarity, allowing you to put worried feelings on hold and productivity on the front burner.

GH Joint Royal Highness 1g

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