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Incredible Hulk sets itself apart with large, chunky flowers that bulge like Bruce Banner’s green muscles. The buds are almost spherical in shape and hold together in a relatively loose, spindly structure; leaves are fluffy and can be easily torn away from their central stems. The mossy green leaves are set off by a high volume of bright orange hairs (which are actually pistils, structures meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). Finally, translucent, amber-colored trichomes cover the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers, giving them a slightly yellow sheen and accounting for their psychoactivity.

When properly cured, flowers of Incredible Hulk primarily smell like an earthy combination of citrus and pine. This aromatic blend has the same clean, hoppy character that’s so central to parent strain Jack Herer’s herbal, Haze-inflected appeal. On closer inspection, there are also some fruity notes of berry, albeit with a slightly spoiled, fermented edge. When combusted, Incredible Hulk burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke that tastes both tropical and piney on the exhale.

Incredible Hulk’s high hits quickly, smacking users with a concerted pressure around the eyes and temples. These physical sensations are soon eclipsed by a buzzy feeling of mental stimulation. Users may feel their thoughts flowing in rapid association. In the right set and setting, this cerebral high can lead to euphoria, helping smokers to find fascination in any external stimuli. Such an intense, attentive mindset easily lends itself to accomplishing work -- whether it’s free-flowing and creative or rigorous and analytical. The strain may also provide the physical motivation needed to exercise with the vigor of the Hulk himself. As the high wears on, users may feel some slight physical stimulation, ranging from increased tactile sensitivity to thorough relaxation; this simultaneous action on mind and body can make Incredible Hulk a potent aphrodisiac under the right conditions. Some fans of the strain report a powerful sense of time dilation, in which they can become lost in rabbit holes of their own thoughts. This trippy edge makes the bud a great accompaniment to stimulating conversations and compelling movies. A quintessential wake-and-bake strain, Incredible Hulk is not appropriate for use before bed, as it’s likely to leave smokers wired and alert.

GH Joint Incredible Hulk 1g