Considered to be a moderately strong sativa, Full Moon THC levels vary anywhere from 15% to 24%. Hitting about 20% on average, users will note a potent aroma and taste that’s akin to spice, citrus, and herbs. Full Moon’s attributes are typical of most Thai strains, allowing you to bring the beach to your own living room. Nugs are pepper shaped and sport amber pistils and similarly colored trichomes.

While you won’t be bouncing off the walls all day, Full Moon promotes an intense burst of energy that does take some time to subside. The high hits users fairly quickly and gives them the motivation to get outside or at the very least accomplish a fair amount of tasks. Matching your physical state is your mental space, as this strain boosts your mood and imparts a sense of euphoric creativity with ease. Cerebral effects give way to a physical high that’s filled with buzzing and tingling. Many users report feeling very aroused at this point in the experience, so grab a friend and keep the party going!

Due to its THC levels and ability to create a strong psychoactive experience, medical users like Full Moon for its ability to deal with mood disorders. Stress and depression vanish during your high, as there’s no room in your emotional makeup for anything less than pure bliss. Its physical set of effects also counteract muscle issues, chronic pain, and of course fatigue. Even if you aren’t headed out on an all-night bender, you’ll appreciate how much energy even one or two hits will provide.


Good things come to those who wait, and for Full Moon, patience is a must to achieve a nice yield. A flowering time of 12 to 14 weeks might feel like an eternity, but this strain ends up being a true labor of love. Best for experienced growers, it can grow upwards of 7 feet tall and rewards home cultivators with dense nugs.

Full Moon p/g


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