lowers of Enigma tend to grab the consumer with their colorful, well-formed flowers. The buds are medium to large in size and adhere in a tapered, spadelike formation. They also have an unmistakably indica structure, with small, tightly-packed leaves that overlap and curl tightly inward. These leaves are a deeper shade of forest green and sometimes even show off flecks or wide swaths of purple; these latter hues are thanks to the influence of anthocyanins, pigments in the strain’s genetics that release blue and purple coloring when stimulated by cold weather in the growing process. Enigma’s flowers are finished off by a coating of cloudy white trichomes that make them psychoactive and very sticky.

The predominant scent that wafts up from flowers of Enigma is bright and lemony. There are also some dank, diesel-like notes hanging out underneath. Grinding up the thick buds tends to intensify the strain’s skunkiness. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Enigma burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. This smoke carries a combination of floral and citrus flavors on the exhale.

Like many other mostly indica strains, Enigma’s high is a creeper. Several minutes after they’ve finished toking on these aromatic flowers, Enigma begin to exert a pressure around the user’s eyes. Once adjusted to these unfamiliar sensations, the smoker may experience some odd feelings of sensory distortion -- these can include an intensification of certain sights or sounds. Some users may also perceive some distortions in three-dimensional depth. Such psychedelic properties can be pushed even further by turning on some moody music or a trippy film. A short time into this bud’s high, a distinct euphoria sets in, banishing any stresses or preoccupations that may be plaguing the consumer. Such emotionally uplifting qualities can easily set the stage for social gatherings, where they can foster camaraderie and free-flowing conversations. Note that, although it’s part of Alphakronik’s Great Minds series, Enigma is not especially known for bringing about a focused, cerebral energy. As such, do not plan on plowing through a long to-do list or executing any complex, analytical tasks under this strain’s influence. As the high wears on, Enigma’s trademark indica relaxation kicks in, relieving any lingering muscular tension. In the right set and setting, this physical feeling of calm may be so strong as to make smokers feel as if they’re melting their surroundings as the outside world recedes into the background. It should go without saying, then, that Enigma is best enjoying during the evening or nighttime.

Enigma p/g