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Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by Top Shelf Seeds, Seattle-based breeders who keep dispensary shelves stocked throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is a cross between perennial favorite Dutch Treat and a fruity Hawaiian landrace. This is one taste-engineered strain that doesn’t sacrifice potency for flavor -- its dynamic tropical character is complemented by a steady, mellow head high that can enhance any number of situations. According to a pH Labs 2018 THC analysis facilitated by Emerald Cannabis Curx, Dutch Hawaiian’s THC content was measured at a high of 28.31%.

Dutch Hawaiian has medium-sized flowers that cling together in tapered, spade-like shapes. The flowers hold a loose, sativa-typical bud structure that gives the leaves a somewhat ragged appearance and a fluffy texture. Leaves themselves are a bright shade of spring green and are shot through with hairy yellow and orange pistils. A film of cloudy white trichomes gives the flowers a slight sheen and makes them particularly sticky and difficult to break up by hand.

Dutch Hawaiian (3g)

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