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Depending on who you ask, this strain may be written different ways and could even feature varying parents, keeping Dreamcatcher a bit of a mystery bud. Some prefer to separate it into two words instead of one, and most will point to Colorado-based Greenpoint Seeds as her birthplace. A cross of Stardawg and Blue Dream is what makes their version shine, although others claim this indica-dominant bud is a mix of Blue Chronic and Blueberry/Black Domina.

Either way you go, Dreamcatcher is giving you your money’s worth in potency with a THC average of 24%. Fluffy nugs are mint and purple and feature bright orange pistils along with a thick layer of trichomes. Again, depending on the version you find, aromas and flavors could differ. Some experience a strain that mirrors fruit, herbs, earth, and spicy cheese while others note a very sweet blueberry taste.

Dreamcatcher (3g)

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