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Not only are Canadians some of the nicest people around, but they make equally nice marijuana strains as well. While Dreadlock has a cool name, it’s completely unrelated to its effects or lineage. Instead, this beast hails from a cross between an Equatorial sativa and a Middle Eastern indica. Don’t let its rather nappy appearance fool you - Dreadlock gives you a burst of energy that lasts and lasts.

Coming in with some solid THC levels, this strain averages right around 20% and can get as high as 22% if you’re lucky. The scent of these nugs might initially throw you off, as they have a strong tobacco overtone and are pretty pungent. Pine and sage blend with earthy notes of fuel to give users a complex taste that some find fairly cough-inducing. Nugs are light green and fluffy with orange hairs that resemble its namesake.

Buckle up before you take a hit, as this strain acts quickly. Instead of a social lubricant, consider it social jet fuel - you’ll want to talk with everyone about anything for hours on end. Not only will you be able to overcome any shyness but you’ll feel a mental clarity accompanied by delightful body tingles. The comedown offers a ton of relaxing effects yet won’t put you into a full-fledged couchlock unless you overindulge.

Medical users tend to gravitate toward Dreadlock for the mental benefits it provides, and while it does work for cases of physical pain, it isn’t your most potent choice. Feelings of anxiety, stress, or any other mental disorders will dissolve after your first hit, making this strain an ideal choice for many. Some users note that Dreadlock gives them an incredible case of the munchies, so if you struggle from a lack of appetite you’ll be in good shape.

Home growers will jump for joy if they choose to plant Dreadlock, as it’s a very easy strain to maintain. Resistant to most molds and pests, it takes about 9 weeks for it to reach maturity. Make sure to wait patiently, as nugs will gain much of their potency in the final week. Keep an eye on branches as well, as these dense nugs may cause them to break.

Imagine the perfect balance of energy and socialization with a clear-headed focus, and you have Dreadlock. If you want to feel some body effects without going too far into the deep end, the light buzz during your experience will be right up your alley. Remember to have a ton of food close by just in case you get hit by the munchies during this ride. Try bringing some of this strain to a party or have it on hand at your next barbeque - you’ll surely make a ton of friends fast!

Dread Lock p/g

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