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Diamond Sauce, is a light hydrocarbon Extract. It is a strain specific (Indoor Cheese) extraction using cured or freshly frozen plant material.  Source is also known as HTFSE high terpene full spectrum extraction. Isolated cannabinoid‘s and High terpene content makes sauce a vary  unique concentrate. The contents of THC is typically 30 to 50% and terpene continent can be up to 60%. Sauce can take anywhere from 14 to 21 days to crystallize and cure. In the sauce are varying sizes of small to large THCa 99% crystals  in a bath of terpenes. Sauce can have a light yellow to unfiltered honey like look to it.  It’s consistency is that of applesauce or marmalade. Terpene sauce is special because it focuses on the terpene profile of a strain instead of just a THC percentage. Sauce is typically dabbed but it can be blended in joints or bowls. This type of concentrate is seen as the mother of all mother the crème de la crème of concentrates.

Diamond Sauce p/g

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