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Originally bred in Spain, Critical Plus is an evenly balanced hybrid of Big Bud and Skunk. It has a deeply pungent aroma inherited from its Skunk lineage, as well as a mellowness from its Indica Big Bud parent. Generally uplifting effects along with a 15 to 20% THC content make this a solid all-purpose strain.

Critical Plus buds are olive to dark green and form in long teardrop shapes. Purple hues with red-orange pistils in some phenotypes give this strain serious bag appeal. The nugs are extremely sticky and dense, best broken up with a grinder. The scent of lemon zest comes through first, accented by some sour pungency from the Skunk parent. When combusted, the flowers have a greater earthiness. On exhale, users describe a chemical tang like the taste of lemon-scented cleaner.

The high from Critical Plus starts in the head, imparting a quickly altered state. Users describe a surge in creativity and talkativeness, suited to social use. As the high progresses, mild bodily effects from Big Bud kick in. This strain can also be used alone, as its body buzz contributes to relief from stress and chronic pain. Critical Plus’ combination of euphoria and relaxation lend themselves to afternoon or evening enjoyment.

Critical Plus has Indica-like plants that are bushy and easily grown indoors. Flowering happens after six to seven weeks indoors and outdoor plants are ready for outdoor harvest in early October. Although somewhat susceptible to mold, this strain has a very high yield that may balance out any loss of flowers. Because Critical Plus’ skunkiness is so strong, growers are advised to invest in odor control measures like carbon filters.

Critical Plus caught on quickly in its native Spain, having won the first Highlife Cup in Barcelona. This strain is gaining popularity in U.S. markets for its balance and versatility.

IN Popcorn (B-Grade) Critical Plus p/g

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