For a bud this powerful, you can expect to be almost completely sedated for a good part of your day. If you have a nice chunk of time to chill out, turn on a movie you’ve been meaning to watch or catch up on some long neglected episodes of your favorite show. Wind down with this monstrous hybrid after a long day or gather some of your favorite afternoon snacks and hunker down on the couch. Throughout your high you’ll get sudden bursts of creativity, but the overwhelming laziness of this strain will often wash that away before you’ve had a chance to move. Just sit back and enjoy, since that’s what this bud was made for.

If you’ve chosen Critical Haze to aid you through some of the more challenging ailments, this strain is great for chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia due to its sedative properties. Feel your worries wash away as the tingles kick in and laugh lines replace the ridges of concern around your eyes. Many users delight in this strain and enjoy it as a break from muscle soreness and achy bones. For novice users, this bud is not recommended and should be used with caution if you so choose.

Critical Haze p/g