If you’re newer to smoking cannabis, we’d strongly suggest you steer clear of this gal, as she consistently measures in with 30% THC. Her nugs are quite large and while they are a vibrant green, hints of purple often peek through her dense layer of white trichomes. Both her aromas and flavors are unique and diverse, with notes of sweet cookies, earth, gas, fruit, and kush all blending together to create something that’s tasty and often leaves you wanting more.

Just as potent as her flavors, Crescendo has been known to infuse users with an incredibly intense high right from the start. A true nighttime strain, you’ll likely feel her hit hard with a euphoric lift that makes your brain happy while leaving your body feeling heavy and relaxed. Head to toe tingles aren’t out of the question, and for some, arousal might even be in the cards. Keep in mind that this strain often imparts a serious case of the munchies, so it’s recommended that you not only go grocery shopping beforehand, but you should literally complete all prep work needed and put the food within arms reach before you toke - you’ll thank us later!

Crescendo brings the peak of intensity that her name entails, and her amazing high is likely the reason that seeds of this bud are sold out on the Ethos website. Assuming you are able to place an order at some point in time, you’ll want to consult with an experienced grower before you plant. Described as a strain that reaches a medium-tall height, she often produces a very large yield. It’s unclear just how resilient she can be in outdoor environments, so it might be best to start off with an indoor crop and take it from there.

Popcorn Nugs Crescendo (B-Grade) p/g