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Collins Ave or just Avenue is a hybrid of Kush Mints 11 and GTI bred by Cookies in conjunction with Seed Junkie Genetics. The scent is bizarre – creamy and tart, with citrus undertones, like Greek yogurt – and the high is like a gentle lift. You’ll feel giddy, euphoric, and your negative thoughts will just drop off your radar. Users who have issues with low appetite, pain, or fatigue take advantage of Collins Ave to give their day the boost it needs.

The strain’s trichomes grow thick, wavy, and shiny. They coat the neon green buds, which are oversized and long. They sit chunky and dense in the plant’s curly leaves, which are light green, similar to the leaves on a fern. Rapper Rick Ross said he wanted to be a “force within the cannabis industry” when he partnered with Cookies to create this strain. We’d say he succeeded.

Collins Ave (3g)

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