The THC here isn’t astronomical, but it does strike a solid level ranging anywhere from 14% to 18%. As you might expect, Chiesel has a pungent aroma of stinky cheese and sour diesel and is rich in both of those flavors as well. For fans of the Cheese and Diesel families, this is the exact strain you’ve been dreaming of. The buds are large and dense, shaped like clouds, and are covered in dark amber hairs and a thick coating of white trichomes.

Users can expect a strong but relaxing body high that doesn’t overpower the creative mind. As this is a 50/50 hybrid, you can count on a euphoric yet energizing buzz throughout your experience. After just one hit, you’ll feel a burst of joy and a sense of readiness. The tingles you feel from the back of your head start to creep down your body, waking up your limbs and revitalizing your core. If you are a busy body when you smoke, maybe hit this one earlier in the evening as it might keep you awake for longer than you’d expect.


Chiesel is a popular strain with patients who suffer from stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder as well as your run of the mill mood swings. Because of its blend of effects, it has the ability to both energize and soothe, making it great for those who need a little mid-afternoon pick me up but will eventually enjoy the heavy come down. This rollercoaster effect is beneficial for those who struggle with fatigue during the day caused by restless or even sleepless nights. The sedative effects are beneficial to patients who need treatment for pain, swelling, and headaches.

Chiesel p/g