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Said to be one of the more balanced strains on today’s cannabis market, Cherry Kiss is a must-try. Bred in Spain by Anesia Seeds, she’s a cross between Cherry Kush and a mystery Super Sativa. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of flavors and effects, this hard to find strain will likely fit the bill.

Ideal for most types of users, Cherry Kiss averages right around the 22% THC mark and packs a punch of flavor along with her beautiful effects. As if her name wasn’t cute enough, each nug takes on a heart shape and is neon green in color with chunky white trichomes acting as a thick blanket. Not only does this strain boast an intense cherry flavor, but she offers a well-balanced experience with notes of earth and spice. Users could certainly classify her in the dessert weed category if they so desire, although she’s perfectly enjoyable before dinner as well.

Cherry Kiss (3g)

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